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Our Solar Services and Solar Solutions

Residential Solar

SEL provides residential solar from starter system that just run the basics to full off-grid systems that can run a whole house.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar systems are solar systems used in Corporate & Industrial (C&I) markets on office blocks, shopping centers, factories, etc.

Utility Scale Solar Farms

Large scale (Megawatt size) solar farms that interconnect with local, micro, municipal &/or the national grids.

Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are provided primarily to farming and residential clients.

Solar Geysers and Heat Collectors

Heat collector panels can be retrofitted on existing geysers to minimize replacement cost but still generate hot water for both residential and commercial customers.

Online Shop

A selection of solar products to buy online.

Why us?

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey power and hot water solutions.

Certified Experience

Over 300 projects ranging in size and scope from 3kWp basic home systems to multi megawatt solar farms

Competitive Pricing

Priced according to your power needs

Design and Support

We design, supply, install and maintain the whole system.


We have the experience and capacity to plan, co-ordinate and manage solar projects of any scale


Pre-engineered and designed solar packages available.

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