Solar Assessment

What is a solar assessment? A solar assessment is looking at what you specifically need and the technical feasibility of installing solar PV, hot water or water pumping solution at your premises. We look at your power, hot water and water usage and what you want to achieve.

Why do a solar assessment? Each situation is unique. Your house is different. Your business is different. Your project is different. Each site is different. When we do a solar assessment we consider a lot of factors to get to your optimal solution in terms of price, savings, technicalities and power requirements.

How does it work? As a first step we book a time with you and ask some details to help with the assessment. Below is a convenient online booking tool. Or give us a call on 012 023 2131. We visit you on site or do a virtual assessment to discuss options and possibilities. We then do a customised system design, generation modelling and quotation.

If you are happy the project is kick started and you are on your way using solar power.

Choose an option below that best suits you, complete the details and we will contact you.