Commercial Solar

Commercial solar systems are solar systems used in Corporate & Industrial (C&I) markets on office blocks, shopping centers, factories, mines, commercial farms, hotels, lodges, Security Estates, etc.

The most widely used systems are grid-tied, self-consumption systems due to the energy production curve of the solar plant being comparable to the day usage curve in the average building.

Hybrid systems using a combination of solar, batteries, gen-sets and/or wind turbines are also available. Hybrid systems allow for off-grid micro-grids to be built in remote locations like mining compounds, military bases and isolated communities where grid access is difficult or expensive. 

Community solar systems are large scale systems that service whole communities like golf estates, security estates, retirement villages, etc. These can either be installed as one system or dispersed on roof, carports or ground mount installations. The dispersed system works like one big power plant.

Commercial solar systems can be installed on rooftops (single or dispersed), carport, parking garages or ground-mount locations. 

A full energy audit and feasibility analysis is conducted by our engineers before the system is installed to optimized the design and minimize installation costs. The grid/ gen-set provides any additional power requirements. 

SEL does turnkey installations that includes: design, sizing, engineering, financing arrangements, component supply, electrical reticulation, installations, commissioning, management & Maintenance. 

We are a full wrap EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) company. As well as an IPP (Independent Power Producer).