Engineered Solar Power Solutions from R20 000

Solar Energy Life provides residential solar from starter system that just run the basics to full off-grid systems that can run a whole house.

  • Convert your existing Geyser to Solar
  • Payback in 2 – 3 years
  • Aesthetically pleasing flat Glass Panel
  • Intelligent Controller with Grid Back-Up & Timer
  • Frost Resistant
  • 1 Panel heats a 200l Geyser
  • Installation by Specialised Plumbers

The systems types we do include: Grid-tied (self-consumption and net-metering), off-grid and grid-interactive hybrid systems.

These are mostly meant for home owners either in cities (grid-interactive) or on farms/small holdings (off-grid/grid-interactive). 

Residential conversion to solar is a relatively easy one if energy efficient appliances, geysers and stoves are used in combination with the solar solution. A mind shift is required as the customer ends up owning and managing their own power plant at home.

A comprehensive energy audit and site assessment is done beforehand to ensure that a client will have a right sized, sustainable solution with a long system life expectancy.

Systems pay themselves off in energy production and energy savings. The average pay-off period is 6 to 10 years compared to a 25 year life of system. These systems starts paying for themselves from day 1.

SEL does turnkey installations that includes: sizing, design, feasibilities, engineering, component supply, electrical reticulation, installations, commissioning, securing, monitoring, maintenance & management.