Solar Geysers and Heat Collectors

Heat collector panels can be retrofitted on existing geysers to minimize replacement cost but still generate hot water for both residential and commercial customers. 

Solar tube geysers come in high and low pressure and can either be complete units (with tank, stand & tubes) or retrofit units (with manifold, stand & tubes). High pressure can take up to 6 bar pressure and low pressure up to 1 bar pressure.

Warm water is always available by utilizing a grid, gas or generator backup and a timer or heat sensing unit like a geyser wise or Bosch gas kit.

A typical geyser with a 3kW element can use over 4300 units of electricity (more that R7000) per year. This makes the payback on a system like this as short as 2 to 3 years.

In commercial installations a large volume storage tank is utilized with pumps continually circulating the warm water through the system to ensure that water wastage is minimized by having warm water available the moment the tap is opened. Heat losses are minimized by insulating the tanks and piping as far as possible.

These heat collector panels can also be used to heat pools, spa pools and Jacuzzis.