Solar Water Pumps

Solar water pumps are provided primarily to farming and residential clients. The main benefit is that these can be run off-grid, without batteries, grid power or generator and can thus be located nearly anywhere. 

The pumps run directly from solar panels but AC boxes are available to allow for running it on grid-power or using a gen-set. 

If water and power can be supplied with solar, true off-grid living becomes a feasible reality and makes the lives of far flung communities easier and less hardy. 

Some of our customers include municipalities and eco estates that are putting in solar pumps to provide water to communities where piping in water through new infrastructure would be prohibitively expensive.

This technology also allows farmers to farm on arid and/or fringe lands more economically. There is a lot of access to land, but without water these lands cannot be used to make a living by both small and large scale farmers. Livestock & game farmers can also now afford to keep game on camp by providing water close to grazing.