Utility Scale Solar Farms

Large scale (Megawatt size) solar farms that interconnect with local, micro, municipal &/or the national grids. Such farms can supply power either to one large scale user like factories, industries or mines or multiple small scale users like municipal customers, communities, security estates, office blocks/parks or office parks. 

This power can either be used for:

  • Self-consumption: Used on the site where it is produced. 
  • Wheeling onto the local grid: Power is injected onto the local municipal grid for example where it is distributed to users on that particular grid. Excess power can be wheeled onto the national grid.
  • Wheeling onto the national grid: This power is either sold to Eskom or other power consumers using the national grid to distribute the power. 
  • Banked: Power is generated and wheeled on the grid where it is used by other users. The banked units/credits can then be used at a stage when the solar farm is not producing power.
  • Stored: Grid-scale storage solutions like lithium batteries can be implemented to allow for smoothing out of the delivery curve, transition to backup gen-sets, power storage or peak shaving to reduce maximum demand charges.

We act as project developers, EPC Company (Engineering, Procurement & Construction), IPP (Independent Power Producer), Project Financing originators & General Consultants. 

SEL in partnership with SM, Astraea Energy and SunPower Corporation is working on 6 projects throughout South Africa ranging from 1 to 50 MW in size. The farms will connect to local municipal grids and be a second energy supply source. Solar power will be a primary supply with Eskom supplying whatever additional power is required. Implementation will be from the beginning of 2018.