Hybrid & Multi Hybrid Solar Power Systems

  • Hybrid and Multi hybrid solar systems are solar system configurations we install in most residential and commercial settings.
  • These consist of a PV bank (solar panels) that generates energy from sunlight which can be used to run loads directly, charge batteries or be fed into the grid. Loads run during the day can be run directly from the PV panels. Your solar panel bank is sized according to your energy consumption (24-hour average) but only generates energy during daylight (8 to 10 hours per day). The more energy is used, the bigger the PV bank needs to be. The more energy is used during the day the better.
  • Hybrid inverter(s) manage the power flow between the PV panels, battery bank, grid/generator and connected loads. The converter DC power (from PV and batteries) to AC power that can be used to run loads (single or 3 phase). These inverters also converter AC power to DC to charge batteries when needed. The inverter(s) are sized according to your PV bank size, your peak energy consumption. The inverter is the control centre of the system and also does the system monitoring.
  • A battery bank stores energy generated from PV panels/grid charging for later use. This can either be during peak day use, night use or when power outages/load shedding happens. The more energy is used at night the bigger the battery bank needs to be. Load shifting to day use and energy efficiency can reduce battery bank sizes.
  • Balance of system (BOS) is all the small components, fittings and parts needed to install and make the system work. Switched, breakers, earth leakages, DB boards and surge protection devices ensure safety and electrical isolation. Cabling transport the power between the different components.
  • The grid or a generator is used for a backup or when more energy is used than the solar system can provide.



  • Generate your own energy. Safe on your monthly electricity bills. Free energy from solar for 25 years.
  • Optimised to use solar and battery power as the main energy source and grid/generator as backup.
  • Safe supply of energy. Semi-grid independent. Offset your grid use with solar power generation.
  • You can either converter only a portion of your loads/usage to solar or do a full solar conversion.
  • Have energy when there are power outages and load shedding.
  • Intelligently, electronically self-managed energy systems that can work effectively without user inputs or constant adjustments.
  • Full energy and site assessments available. SEL can also do an energy generation modelling report on your site to show you how much energy can be produced from a solar system before it is installed.
  • 25-year system life. So you fix your energy costs for 25 years.
  • Modular systems. Can expand the system at any time with the same components. Can also upgrade the individual components as new technology becomes available.
  • Latest technology; high-frequency intelligent inverters, lithium batteries with build-in battery management systems (BMS), high voltage & high-efficiency solar panels.
  • Full monitoring available from smartphone, tablet or PC. Can monitor how much energy is produced, stored and used as well as supplied from PV, batteries and grid/generator. Ability to do live monitoring as well as draw stats and reports.
  • Premium & tier 1 components and brands selected by solar professionals and engineers with 13+ years of solar experience.
  • Good, manufacturer-backed warranties and guarantees with local parts and support. 10/25 years on PV panels. 2 to 5 years on inverters. 3 to 20 years on batteries.
  • Safety features like switchgear, breakers, earth leakages, surge protection (SPD’s), lightning protection, PV & battery fuses are installed by Solar Energy Life.
  • Solar electrical COC (Certificate of Compliance) and solar sign off certificate is issued by SEL.
  • Increase the value of your property.
  • Finance available (bond extensions, solar finance, rental or lease options).
  • Eco friendly and safes emissions from coal power stations.
  • Energy can be stored in batteries for later use.
  • Solar energy is available anywhere the sun shines and PV panels can be installed nearly everywhere.
  • Minimum maintenance required, that anyone can do. The inverter also has error reporting capabilities build in and will switch off if any mayor faults are detected. Maintenance options are available from SEL.
  • Installation is done by qualified solar installers. Solar Energy Life has already supplied and/or installed over 4000 solar power, hot water and pumping systems over the last 13 years.


These systems are specified to the maximum component and system capacity. They can be adapted to specific needs based on customer and site requirements. You can start with fewer panels, batteries and inverters and expand over time.

Advanced Energy Robotics is the house brand of Solar Energy Life. The range of products is designed and specified by German engineers with high-quality components, good guarantees and long design life but with value for money in mind. These are sourced directly from manufacturers with local support available.